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Tragic News about Barbara A. Wood


I am sad to report that on March 21, 2014 Barbara was in a horrible car accident. Her neck was fractured in two places, her spinal cord bruised and she had a fractured sternum. Barbara had emergency spinal surgery on her neck and is currently in a residential rehabilitation facility in Georgia called Life Care Center of Lawrencevilile. The good news is the doctors are optimistic about a full or near full recovery. in the beginning Barbara had no movement in her painting hand (right-side) but she is starting to get this back. She has movement in her right leg she is unable to stand. Her left side is recovering at a promising rate and she is sketching with her left hand and doing some pretty amazing stuff!


Sorry there have been no updates on the website for a while.  I have been in the hospital for a bit with back surgery and complications. But here is the latest update on Barbara...

Barbara is doing amazing. She is standing with little help and able to walk short distances with a walker. She, finally, no longer has to wear a neck brace... this makes her very happy! But she still have very little use if her right hand. This alone really saddens her. She has a wonderful Nurse living with her who is helping her recovering plus Physical Therapy comes 3 times a week.

Over all Barbara is still improving daily and, God willing, her right hand will come back to her!

At this time Barbara is still unable to paint or sign any of the her existing prints as, for now, she has very little movement in her right hand. So at this time sales have been suspended except for already signed and framed pieces.  If you are interested in purchasing  of these pieces We can send you photos & prices of what we have left in stock - sadly there is a chance these will be the last ones ever. There are also some originals available!

Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing her current stock of already signed framed prints and originals - all of this has gone towards her recovery!


Please visit her Facebook page at:


Due to Barbara’s signing/painting hand currently being out of commission ALL SALES of limited edition Prints, Serigraphs, and posters have been suspended - UNLESS previously signed. Any of her original oils that are still available can be purchased. If you are interested in any of Barbara’s original pieces please contact us directly at and we will be happy to send you photos and information. All proceeds from the sale of any Barbara A. Wood originals will go toward her rehabilitation fund.


The Barbara A. Wood Academy of Art will also remain closed EXCEPT for the Saturday Art classes taught by Christopher Simpson. These classes will continue until further notice.


We are asking for love and prayers for Barbara, and would love to receive any encouraging emails you would like for us to share with Barbara while she is recovering. These will surely boost her morale. Please email her daughter Juli at

Thank you for all your continued love and support over the years

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